Workplace support

CBT in the Workplace

We offer a counselling service to individual employees. Whilst the counselling is similar to our psychotherapy services, in that it is informed by a CBT perspective, it differs in that it is less focused upon the treatment of psychological symptoms and provides a problem-solving approach to commonly occurring workplace problems such as:


  •  Managing your workload
  •  Managing relationships with your colleagues
  •  Returning to work after a period of absence
  •  Managing feelings of anxiety or anger
  •  Coping with being bullied
  •  Coping with personal problems which may be having an adverse effect on your work


This practice works in association with Medra, a local, employee support agency working here in North Wales. If you are an employee of an agency that benefits from Medra cover, you can access our services simply by calling our office and making an appointment on your own behalf.

We can offer coaching support to individual managers responsible for staff presenting with these problems and other, similar problems face to face, or by video call, or telephone.

If you require skilled meeting facilitation or help with interpersonal conflict in the workplace, please contact us, either by telephoning the office, or email Adam May at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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